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Our Story

Hello Fellow Coffee-Lover!

Espresso Pig has been over a year and a half in the making and we are just getting started! Starting as a venture in college, it has been a long journey to get to where we are today, and we look forward to the future. Our ultimate objective for Expresso Pig is to create a quality and gourmet coffee experience with a focus on sustainable practices. We hope that you enjoy the experience that we have integrated into each sip of gourmet coffee. 

Happy Brewing!

Justin Kujath


Founding Director, Espresso Pig

Our Mission

Fresh coffee should be environmentally sustainable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Earth’s most sustainable coffee company by delivering products that engage consumers in environmentally beneficial practices without compromising the taste and experience of coffee.

Coffee Pods.jpg

Our Purpose

For years, big companies and corporations have thrown the burden of sustainability and waste management on consumers. They spend big dollars and a lot of time creating products which are designed to last right up to the moment of use. But after that? It’s up to the user. 

Usually we throw it out leaving plastics, metals, and toxic chemicals to be buried without hope to be returned either to the soil or their raw, natural state. Or we tediously separate components of old products and send them to underfunded recycling facilities. Some extreme consumers choose to even compost their products. But why is it that multi-billion dollar corporations aren’t responsible and hold zero accountability for their products immediately after they’ve been used? 

It’s time for that to change. Stop supporting companies that dump their responsibilities of taking care of their products from production to raw materials again on the consumers. Support companies that develop and create products which are designed to return themselves to their state of raw nature after being used. 

This is what Espresso Pig is. This is what we are all about. It's about innovating on a consumer product by making it new by incorporating sustainable materials. We do most of the work so you don't have to. While you enjoy your product, the Earth can enjoy it too.

Meet The Team


Justin Kujath
Co-Founder/Founding Director


Isaiah Vang
Co-Founder/Marketing Director


Kaitlyn Kujath
Creative Director

Hi my name is Isaiah and I am a co-owner and marketer for Espresso Pig. While born in Riverside, California I was mostly raised in Great Falls, Montana. With an eye for creativity and with skills in both photography and videography, I have a passion for capturing and telling stories about the world around me and the simple pleasures in life. When I’m not creating through photos or videos, I really enjoy being creative in cooking and baking. Watching movies/tv shows or just spending time with family are things that I enjoy as well. I currently have my Bachelors degree in Marketing with a Minor in Small Business and Entrepreneurship.


Favorite Coffee Beverage: While I do enjoy drinking hot coffee, I really like my coffee as “dessert coffee”. My go to drinks are the Caramel Frappuccino and the Caramel Iced Coffees. Cold and refreshing probably aren’t the first things that comes to mind dealing with coffee, but I sure enjoy my coffee iced! 

Hello! My name is Justin and I am the Founding Director of Espresso Pig! Born and raised in Houston, Texas, all my family stems from Montana roots, traceable all the way back to some of the first homesteaders in the state! I am an Eagle Scout and absolutely love the outdoors, especially when it comes to rock climbing! I have been drinking coffee since I was 6 years old, and my love for climbing and coffee reminds me of how important it is to drink sustainably to protect our amazing natural beauties! I currently have my Bachelors degree in Business Management, having graduated from Montana State University in 2021. I enjoy climbing, woodworking, and gardening, and always have to have my coffee while doing all three!


Favorite Coffee Beverage: While I really appreciate a cup of drip or french press every morning, my favorite coffee beverage is a Mexican Mocha. Adding a little spice to balance out the sweetness is a great way to enjoy a creamy espresso drink, and I usually like it over ice!

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn and I am the Creative Director for Espresso Pig. I was born and raised on a small farm south of Salt Lake City, Utah. I love horseback riding, hiking, flipping furniture, crafting, and spending time with family and friends. Each morning I love to sit in the quiet and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. But on occasion, I do love to treat myself with an iced coffee, especially if there is caramel in it. I enjoy sharing new ideas with everyone around me. Trust me, when I learn something new, I’ll be sure to tell you! I am one that values fresh and natural foods that nourish the body, and I feel the same about coffee!


Favorite Coffee Beverage: Even though I usually drink a hot cup of drip coffee to start off my day, my favorite coffee would be an iced caramel macchiato while I am downtown shopping or running a few errands!

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