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“Good design is good business.”

- IBM CEO Thomas Watson, Jr.

Copy of Espresso Pig Machine Diagram.png

While other machines hunch over and spout coffee out their front ends, espresso pig sets your cup on a beautifully lit brewing stage, putting your coffee in the spotlight.

Automated Milk Management

Espresso Pig MK3 Render 4_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Espresso Pig stores milk for café beverages internally, keeping it cold and fresh. When milk is added, simply tap the milkfat percentage and sell-by date.

Espresso Pig uses an internal chiller to keep milk fresh, and will notify you when it is time to replace your milk. Unlike other machines, Espresso Pig keeps milk ready for steaming.

Espresso Pig MK3 Render 4_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Milk Expiry Indicator (3).png

Dual-Function Espresso and Coffee Brewing means no more paying for multiple machines.

Espresso Pig MK3 Render 11_edited.jpg

Internal storage of coffee pods, milk, and water means less time refilling, and more mug filling. 

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