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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Two guys in college and a dream to change the face of the coffee aisle forever; Providing an alternative to the most wasteful packaging solution known to the coffee industry.


Our Purpose

For years, big companies and corporations have thrown the burden of sustainability and waste management on consumers. They spend big dollars and a lot of time creating products which are designed to last right up to the moment of use. But after that? It’s up to the user. 

Usually we throw it out leaving plastics, metals, and toxic chemicals to be buried without hope to be returned either to the soil or their raw, natural state. Or we tediously separate components of old products and send them to underfunded recycling facilities. Some extreme consumers choose to even compost their products. But why is it that multi-billion dollar corporations aren’t responsible and hold zero accountability for their products immediately after they’ve been used? 

It’s time for that to change. Stop supporting companies that dump their responsibilities to take care of their products from production to raw materials again on the consumers. Support companies that develop and create products which are designed to return themselves to their state of raw nature after being used. 

This is what Espresso Pig is. This is what we are all about. It's about innovating on a consumer product by making it new by incorporating sustainable materials. We do most of the work so you don't have to. While you enjoy your product, the Earth can enjoy it too.

Meet The Team

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