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Meet the world's first paper-based coffee pods -- no plastic rings in sight!

Pig Pods do not use plastic bags, rings, or shells in their construction. Just pulp and paper!

Pig Pods are the first coffee pods on the market to be entirely paper-based.

Pig Pods use no plastic rings.

Pig Pods decompose in a backyard compost bin.

Pig Pods contain the top 2% of quality coffee beans.

Pig Pods contain no foil lid.

Pig Pods don't need to be pre-filled.

Pig Pods don't need to be sealed in a plastic bag.

Pig Pods are constructed from 100% paper.

Pig Pods require no post-brew cleanup.

Introducing our 100% Biodegradable Paper Pig Pods!

Made of special paper-based biodegradable materials, it's a brand-new look with the same great taste. No longer will you have to worry about plastic waste. You can sit back and enjoy your coffee and the Earth can enjoy one too!



Coffee pods of today's coffee makers are typically constructed using "Biodegradable Plastics" and recyclable aluminum. However, over 50 BILLION coffee pods make their way to landfills around the world every year. The world needs a truly biodegradable coffee pod more than ever. This is why Espresso Pig has developed special paper-based rapid-biodegrading coffee pods that decompose in half the time of the leading brands' plastic pods.

Why Paper?

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